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What Great Sales Pitches, Marketing and Movies Have in Common

Marketers ruin everything… Take storytelling, for example. Storytelling is beautiful. It’s an art that grabs people by the shirt-collar and takes them on an emotional journey. But marketers are trying to ruin it… It all started with Donald Miller’s Build a Storybrand book. That book was actually quite good and insightful, but it set offContinue reading “What Great Sales Pitches, Marketing and Movies Have in Common”

The Question.

Spring 2017, my son was born. His name’s Easton, and he came out with a lion’s mane of soft, silky hair that had only recently been plucked from the hair-trees in heaven. I could snuggle him and run my hands through his mane for hours.  He was born in the morning, so the rest ofContinue reading “The Question.”

My Writing Portfolio

I PUT THE NEEDLES IN THE WORLD’S CONTENT HAYSTACKS. Hey mystery reader.  I’m Zac. I’m the owner of this website and a Freelance Writer eager to help you with your brand’s narrative messaging strategy. REASON BEING IS THIS: Most companies treat their content like Amazon treats movies: they publish the occasional fool’s gold nugget inContinue reading “My Writing Portfolio”

How to Coach Anyone

Coaching is simple, but it’s not easy. Great coaching goes against all our natural impulses. When faced with helping someone get better, our tendency is to take control. To “do it ourselves” or “be the hero.” But trust me, no one wants you to be their hero. They want to be their own hero. AContinue reading “How to Coach Anyone”

“Automate or Die”

There’s two types of learning: 1) “Just in case” learning: this is learning done in school. Geometry, geography, calculus, physics. Stuff you learn just in case you need it one day. 2) “Just in time” learning: this is learning that’s personal, timely and relevant. It’s just in time. “I can use this to make myContinue reading ““Automate or Die””

What Universities Need to Learn About Product Development

Three things in particular stick out to me about the traditional education system that have slowly driven me to start Free MBA:  1) We’ve trained generations of young people to make traditional education their default decision. It’s rare to see people show their 18-22 year olds other alternatives to learning and determining your life’s work. 2) The currentContinue reading “What Universities Need to Learn About Product Development”

The $8 Million Meeting That Didn’t Happen

During my junior year in college, my business school introduced something called “differential tuition.”  Differential tuition (DT) required business students to pay additional tuition per credit compared to other non-business University students. Most people took it and paid it. I and some other students decided to ask the Dean what the deal was first… I scheduledContinue reading “The $8 Million Meeting That Didn’t Happen”

How to Easily Track Revenue and Expenses for Your Side Hustle

Side hustles are aptly named. It’s a wild ride coming up with something to sell, earning your first dollar and deciding how far to run with this crazy idea of yours. To make the hustle a little easier for you, I’m sharing the ridiculously easy spreadsheet I use to track revenue and expenses for yourContinue reading “How to Easily Track Revenue and Expenses for Your Side Hustle”

How to Write Headlines that Stop Readers Like a Deer in Headlights

Your customer is the deer, your headline is the headlights. A bit morbid, maybe even a cruel misrepresentation, yes. But you get the point. Customers won’t read your content if your headline sucks. But you already know that… In fact, if you’re reading this article then you probably already know the generic headline advice: useContinue reading “How to Write Headlines that Stop Readers Like a Deer in Headlights”

Top 3 Ways to Structure a Persuasive Presentation

Public speaking gave birth to the world’s first democracy. It was fifth century Athens and citizens of the city-state would gather in the agora, a public square of sorts, to discuss matters they considered important to life. These great orators believed being a good citizen also meant giving persuasive presentations (PowerPoint not included). The problemContinue reading “Top 3 Ways to Structure a Persuasive Presentation”

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