How to Easily Track Revenue and Expenses for Your Side Hustle

Side hustles are aptly named. It’s a wild ride coming up with something to sell, earning your first dollar and deciding how far to run with this crazy idea of yours. To make the hustle a little easier for you, I’m sharing the ridiculously easy spreadsheet I use to track revenue and expenses for your side hustle. It only takes a minute or two to update when you bring in revenue or pay for an expense and gives you a 24/7 picture of how profitable you are.

Here’s the layout of the spreadsheet I use:

Like I said, ridiculously easy.

To make sure the math is right on the “Totals,” just type “=sum” in the fields you want the totals to appear in, then click and drag across all the fields you need added together.

Each year you should duplicate the spreadsheet to create a new page. That way you have a record of your historical earnings and expenses.

Now go make some money to enter in that fancy new spreadsheet of yours.

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