The Opportunity We’re Wasting

It’s stupid. I mean really stupid. It’s outrageous, in fact.

Every one of you reading this email, myself included, has instant, free access to 4.5 billion other people. And yet, how do we use this power that our ancestors could only dream of?…

We use it to watch cat videos and short clips of Gordon Ramsay cussing at restaurant owners (guilty 🤚).

I share this because I’m studying something I think the Free MBA audience can benefit from hearing about:

“The Permissionless Apprentice” by Jack Butcher. Everyone here should cough up the $49 it costs to buy that course. And if you have kids above the age of 16, get it for them, too. Here’s why:

Jack’s decree is simple: you don’t need permission to act, you have the internet. You have the ability to create something of value for someone without their permission, then offer it to them (arbitrage…).

Want to design for a brand you love? Do it. Just make the designs. Then, find the decision maker (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, email… I guarantee you can find a way to contact them), send them what you made and show them the upside of giving you their attention.

For example: back in 2019, I wanted to become a freelance copywriter. I didn’t know where to start. So, I paid $97 to buy Cole Schafer’s “How to write words that sell like a Florida snow cone vendor on the hottest day of the year.

After I’d read it, I sent Cole an email expressing my gratitude and asking some additional questions. He responded, we had a good email exchange, then it ended.

I responded to a few more emails with comments and praise, he always responded back. I promoted his course in a few places online.

All the while I expecting nothing in return.

When he held a headline writing contest online I contributed an entry. I didn’t win, but he Venmoed me $50 anyway as a thanks for supporting him.

Seven months after our first email exchange, Cole asked if I’d be interested in doing some writing with him.

I said yes (obviously…)

And in 2020 I made well over $10,000 writing for people Cole introduced me to alone. And that’s nothing compared to what people who take this path more seriously earn.

And the “hours” involved were significantly less than what a traditional job would have required for that kind of pay…

Right now, I’m working without permission on another project for someone else I admire. They have no idea I’m doing it, but I intend to send it to them when I’m done and offer $20 for wasting their time if they don’t like it.

We are sitting on an absolute treasure trove of opportunity with the internet. It’s insane my friends. Take advantage.

You could take the traditional university path (these are Jack Butcher’s words, not mine):

“Memorize this and we’ll give you a certificate that confirms you memorized it, you owe us $xxx,xxx.” In the U.S., that number is above $42,000 for one year.

Or, you could take the path of The Apprentice (again, Jack’s words):

“Choose a skill, practice relentlessly, and we’ll pay you more as you get better.”

Be an apprentice. Thanks to the internet, the only person you need permission from is yourself.

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