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Hey mystery reader. 

I’m Zac. I’m the owner of this website and a Freelance Writer eager to help you with your brand’s narrative messaging strategy.


Most companies treat their content like Amazon treats movies: they publish the occasional fool’s gold nugget in the midst of an unfathomable sea of absolute garbage.

It’s embarrassing, really. To drive my point home further, consider this question:

What brands do you genuinely trust for high-quality information 100% of the time?

If you’re like me, the answer is almost none.

Due to this fact, I hold three core beliefs about the power of content in today’s information-saturated economy:

1) A single piece of world-class content is worth more to a brand than any amount of paid advertising. Just ask Dollar-Shave Club…

2) When you find the right audience for your brand’s message, and you deliver a piece of world-class content to that audience, they will refer back to it again and again to achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

3) World-class content changes the way people think, the way they feel about themselves and the world around them and the way they act toward their fellow-man.

(But beware lest ye lose your soul pleasing the SEO overlords in the process)

Once you have a piece of content that does all this, you must hereby dub it as “pillar content.” It is content that you build your entire marketing strategy on.


Below, you’ll see my “portfolio.” 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

But did you know words can be worth a thousand pictures?

It’s rare, but possible.

Here’s some times I’ve done it…


I write emails that make the rest of your inbox disappear.

Email is my bread and butter. This cockroach of marketing isn’t going anywhere, and if you get it right, it can drive massive growth for your brand. See for yourself and sink your thumb into these tasty reads.

To date, I’ve written thousands of emails that generate sales and keep the pipeline full for high-ticket items. Some examples (for privacy reasons, I can’t share the actual emails – but here are the stats)…

  • Subject: How a millennial influenced 100 people to NOT work with a small business
    • Sent to 1,173 people
    • Open rate: 39%
    • CTR: 7%
  • Subject: A letter from one of your customers
    • Sent to 3,378 people
    • Open rate: 53%
  • Subject: Ultimate Guide to Phenomenal Customer Service
    • Sent to 4,304 people
    • Open rate: 31.7%
    • CTR: 4.7%
  • Subject: (VIDEO) One simple trick to boost call conversion.
    • Sent to 6,429 people
    • Open rate: 24.6%
    • CTR: 5.9%

(BONUS: I’m featured on the impeccable Eddie Shleyner’s Micro-Course “Copywriting Wisdom of the Crowd” for sharing this little nugget about selling with features (not benefits):


As the Head of Marketing for Power Selling Pros, I’ve penned hundreds of articles and emails to sell our high-ticket coaching programs for Home Service Contractors. Here are a few of the articles:

And a while back, I was brought on by the incredible copywriter Cole Schafer & brand builder Andrew Holliday to write some articles. Here’s a few:

Here’s some other work I’ve done for Sawyer, the “AirBnb” of Children’s Activities:

Also, I write regularly for Texas Farm & Ranch’s website and published magazines:

Getting the Most You Can Out of All You’ve Got – published in the national Farm & Ranch Magazine:

What to think about when buying a ranch – published in the national Farm & Ranch Magazine:

Bernard “Bernie” Uechtritz on Rural Real Estate Post-COVID-19 – published in Texas Farm & Ranch Magazine:


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