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  • The screenplay is full of infelicitous dialogue far from a plausible vernacular, which wouldn't matter if the movie had an ounce of stylization to justify its fourth-grade-reading-level airport-novel vocabulary.
  • A better title would've likely been '121 Minutes in Purgatory,' since that's essentially where audiences will find themselves residing during the entirety of this dreary slog down a familiar road paved with painfully good intentions.
  • This inspirational indie earns points by being more bluntly realistic than many other faith-based dramas in its depiction of an ordeal that likely would challenge the faith of even the most devout Christians.
  • Turns out people can get really irritable after seeing heaven.
  • Although this well-meaning film may appeal to its intended audience on a spiritual level, the result is a sluggish, clinical, largely dreary portrait that tends to mistake trauma for drama.
  • It fails to create a satisfying narrative with a true arc that pays off; it's too caught up in explaining its minor details to focus on the big picture.
  • Rendering a miraculous premise dull, the film seems relatively uninterested in doing more than preaching to the choir.
  • So deeply terrible that it will make you question the existence of God. The dialogue is the least natural I've ever seen in a film not made by Ed Wood.
  • A goner granted a miraculous reprieve by God ostensibly to let us all know that paradise really exists.
  • Dramatic real life story
  • Sincere performances carry the day.
  • Cynical, slow and deathly-dull.
  • Although it's centered around a fascinating true story, 90 Minutes in Heaven is plagued by an uneventful and padded out two hours.
  • May strike a welcome chord with the evangelical groups at whom it's obviously aimed. But for others the ploddingly preachy picture will seem more like a stint in purgatory, if not someplace even more uncomfortable.
  • The movie captures the drama but not the passion.
  • The titular experience is buried in favor of a repetitive, heavy-handed barrage of bedside hospital prayers.
  • While there are fine, restrained moments exploring faith as both comfort and struggle, there's almost no way to portray a vision of Heaven literally that doesn't feel like somebody's telling us exactly what he thinks we want to hear.
  • A staggeringly uneventful movie made for an audience to which I obviously do not belong. I'm frankly at a loss to convey how little happens during 90 Minutes in Heaven.
  • Flatlines in its last half hour and barely putters along in the hour and half before that.
  • Long and often nearly dramatically inert. Perhaps had the film spent more time detailing those heavenly ninety minutes, the offering might have worked better, or at least been more interesting. (Full Content Review for Parents also available)
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