Pac-Man and Education Will Die Together

Pac-Man would be a terrible teacher. And yet, the way we’ve built education is to teach our children and scholars to act like Pac-Man: To go along collecting dots. Memorize the textbook, fill in the right bubbles on a scantron sheet, gather information for the sake of information. Collect the dots. The result is millionsContinue reading “Pac-Man and Education Will Die Together”

Earn Your MBA in 4 Minutes

I saw this amazing post this week: Ain’t that the freakin’ truth. Then I had an idea… What if I curated a list of resources that teach MBA school topics better than and in less time than a traditional MBA? (NOTE: I don’t have an MBA, and I don’t intend to get one. So takeContinue reading “Earn Your MBA in 4 Minutes”

The Simple Truth of How Talent Grows

I went snowboarding last week. It was the first time I’d gone in ten years, and I made a remarkable discovery on the mountain. Or, perhaps, a better way to describe my discovery would be that I received confirmation of what I’ve been learning from Daniel Coyle’s The Talent Code. My friend and I snowboardedContinue reading “The Simple Truth of How Talent Grows”

What Universities Need to Learn About Product Development

Three things in particular stick out to me about the traditional education system that have slowly driven me to start Free MBA:  1) We’ve trained generations of young people to make traditional education their default decision. It’s rare to see people show their 18-22 year olds other alternatives to learning and determining your life’s work. 2) The currentContinue reading “What Universities Need to Learn About Product Development”

The World is Just 25 Seconds Away

No one has ever run a marathon in under 2 hours. Eliud Kipchoge has the current record at 2:00:25. After months of intense training with Nike to break the 2 hour mark, he came up just 25 seconds short. Eliud is infamous for his relentless spirit and belief that human beings can do anything. After theContinue reading “The World is Just 25 Seconds Away”

Why You Need an Upside-Down World Map

In one of my college professors’ offices, I noticed an upside down map of the world. “Why do you have an upside down map of the world on your wall?” I asked. “It’s there so you will ask that question” he said. “I want to invite people to challenge their assumptions and look at the worldContinue reading “Why You Need an Upside-Down World Map”