What Great Sales Pitches, Marketing and Movies Have in Common

Marketers ruin everything… Take storytelling, for example. Storytelling is beautiful. It’s an art that grabs people by the shirt-collar and takes them on an emotional journey. But marketers are trying to ruin it… It all started with Donald Miller’s Build a Storybrand book. That book was actually quite good and insightful, but it set offContinue reading “What Great Sales Pitches, Marketing and Movies Have in Common”

Earn Your MBA in 4 Minutes

I saw this amazing post this week: Ain’t that the freakin’ truth. Then I had an idea… What if I curated a list of resources that teach MBA school topics better than and in less time than a traditional MBA? (NOTE: I don’t have an MBA, and I don’t intend to get one. So takeContinue reading “Earn Your MBA in 4 Minutes”

My Writing Portfolio

I PUT THE NEEDLES IN THE WORLD’S CONTENT HAYSTACKS. Hey mystery reader.  I’m Zac. I’m the owner of this website and a Freelance Writer eager to help you with your brand’s narrative messaging strategy. REASON BEING IS THIS: Most companies treat their content like Amazon treats movies: they publish the occasional fool’s gold nugget inContinue reading “My Writing Portfolio”

My Disgusting, Festering Mess of a Presentation

A few days ago, I went back to watch a speech I gave in 2017. It was for the Utah State University Citizen’s Scholar Conference… And it was putrid. Awful. Downright disgraceful. I can’t believe I allowed myself to give such a horrifically boring presentation on a topic I care so much about (empathy). AndContinue reading “My Disgusting, Festering Mess of a Presentation”

The Opportunity We’re Wasting

It’s stupid. I mean really stupid. It’s outrageous, in fact. Every one of you reading this email, myself included, has instant, free access to 4.5 billion other people. And yet, how do we use this power that our ancestors could only dream of?… We use it to watch cat videos and short clips of GordonContinue reading “The Opportunity We’re Wasting”

How to Write Headlines that Stop Readers Like a Deer in Headlights

Your customer is the deer, your headline is the headlights. A bit morbid, maybe even a cruel misrepresentation, yes. But you get the point. Customers won’t read your content if your headline sucks. But you already know that… In fact, if you’re reading this article then you probably already know the generic headline advice: useContinue reading “How to Write Headlines that Stop Readers Like a Deer in Headlights”