Earn Your MBA in 4 Minutes

I saw this amazing post this week: Ain’t that the freakin’ truth. Then I had an idea… What if I curated a list of resources that teach MBA school topics better than and in less time than a traditional MBA? (NOTE: I don’t have an MBA, and I don’t intend to get one. So takeContinue reading “Earn Your MBA in 4 Minutes”

The Opportunity We’re Wasting

It’s stupid. I mean really stupid. It’s outrageous, in fact. Every one of you reading this email, myself included, has instant, free access to 4.5 billion other people. And yet, how do we use this power that our ancestors could only dream of?… We use it to watch cat videos and short clips of GordonContinue reading “The Opportunity We’re Wasting”

“Automate or Die”

There’s two types of learning: 1) “Just in case” learning: this is learning done in school. Geometry, geography, calculus, physics. Stuff you learn just in case you need it one day. 2) “Just in time” learning: this is learning that’s personal, timely and relevant. It’s just in time. “I can use this to make myContinue reading ““Automate or Die””

The $8 Million Meeting That Didn’t Happen

During my junior year in college, my business school introduced something called “differential tuition.”  Differential tuition (DT) required business students to pay additional tuition per credit compared to other non-business University students. Most people took it and paid it. I and some other students decided to ask the Dean what the deal was first… I scheduledContinue reading “The $8 Million Meeting That Didn’t Happen”