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Discover and download torrents directly in your web browser with the Vuze Web™ for Google Chrome™ extension. With the power of Vuze you can search,. 6 Methods To Direct Download Torrents from Internet Download Manager (IDM) Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the fastest downloader available for Windows PC right now. It roughly provides 5 times higher download speed for any files you download from the internet either through browser built-in downloader or any other third-party downloader. Download Torrents With an Online Torrent Client. This method has a few advantages. It bypasses P2P traffic shaping from an ISP because the torrent files are downloaded in the browser. In Browser Torrent Client Torrents Time downloads and streams torrents instantly, directly from your browser! Just click on the torrent and start downloading and playing it easily and in no time.

There are lots of methods and tricks for Downloading Torrents directly from many web but the better way to use the best method is describe here. It is not other than downloading Torrents through IDM at rocket speed.

Download torrent without client

Wouldn’t it be great if you could download torrent content directly, just as any other HTTP download? Fortunately, there are some cloud services that allow you to cache torrents directly in the cloud. Once the torrent content is available in cloud storage, you can save them to your computer or mobile device using any suitable web browser or download manager. We have come up with a list of top 7 cloud services that allow users to download torrents directly over HTTP.

Zbigz is a cloud storage service that supports caching of torrents in the cloud. Instead of waiting for enough seeds to boost up your download speed over P2P network, you may add the torrent link on Zbigz and it will download the torrent to their cloud storage. Once the torrent content has been fully cached, you can download it from the Zbigz servers. And yes, all Zbigs downloads have resume capability. Their servers are fast and offer high speed torrent torrent caching, though depending on the type of account, and the speed of connection, your download speed may vary accordingly.

Zbigz offers three types of file storage services. The unregistered free version allows you to download files with resume capability. But you need to keep an active session in order to download your cached files. Besides downloading torrents, Zbigz also lets you stream audio and video torrents online. Free registered users get a personal account where they can keep track of their downloads. Both the free services offer limited storage (less than 1 GB), download speed (150 KBps), and number of simultaneous downloads (1-2). To unlock these restrictions, including a lot of other features, users should upgrade to the Premium version.

This is a dedicated service for caching torrent files in the cloud. In order to use the service, first you need to sign up via email or Facebook. A free account will allow you to download torrents of less than 512 MB size, and cached torrents will be available for 24 hours. There is also a download speed limit for free users. Paid users can store up to 30 GB of data at a time, get unlimited download speeds, and 5 days for keeping their data.

Boxopus has a traffic meter for controlling bandwidth usage. The traffic meter tells you how much bandwidth you can use to download torrents. Basically, you start off with 10 GB, but as you cache more torrents to your Boxopus account, the traffic meter comes down. Based on your subscription, your traffic will be recharged on hourly basis (50 MB/hr for free users, 250 MB/hr for paid users) up to a maximum of 10 GB.

The service uses SSL file encryption to protect the privacy of its users. It has its own private cloud storage for caching torrents, but users can also integrate their Dropbox and Google Drive accounts to transfer their torrent downloads to these services. This ensures that you get to store your torrent downloads in the cloud for unlimited time.

Free users can upgrade their accounts based on 3 subscription models – Tiny bucket ($1.49 for 7days), Big Bucket ($14.49 for 3 months) or Huge Bucket ($49.99 for 12 months). Boxopus has a free Chrome extension, and the website is optimized for mobile devices. is another cloud storage service with dedicated BitTorrent support. It caches torrents and puts them into the users’ private storage. The service does not offer a free trial. In order to use, you need to pick a suitable subscription plan. The minimum subscription plan is $0.99 per day, which gives you up to 50 GB of storage space, 10 simultaneous torrent download slots, and a maximum seeding time of 2 days. For more information on the service, refer to its FAQ section. You might also find the details about various subscription plans helpful.

Bitport is another cloud based file storage solution with support for torrent caching. Besides torrents, you can also download other types of files and store them in your private cloud. The service is also capable of streaming video and music torrents online, along with subtitles, if available. Once files have been downloaded to your Bitport account, you can access them anywhere and from any device, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

Free users get access to 2 GB of cloud storage, with download speeds of up to 100 Mb/hour. Simultaneous downloads are not supported for free users. Premium users can get up to 250 GB of cloud storage with up to 20 slots for simultaneous downloading/caching. All Premium users get access to unlimited download speeds, and are protected with SSL encrypted connection. They also get free antivirus (NOD32) checks for each of the downloaded files.

ByteBX is another cloud storage solution, like Bitport, that provide support for torrent caching. Just upload a torrent file or paste the URL or magnet link for the torrent you want to download, and ByteBX will cache the torrent for you. The service offers three different subscription plans. For free, you get up to 2.5 GB of storage space, a maximum download speed of 100 Kb/sec and 5 day storage period. Media streaming support and simultaneous downloads are not available for free accounts. If you wish to upgrade to Premium, there are two plans available, Premium 100 (for 100 GB storage) and Premium 300 (for 300 GB storage). Both these plans offer additional features like unlimited downloading speed, archiving, media streaming, simultaneous downloads, unlimited file storage period and more.

Filestream is one of the best cloud storage services for caching files on the Internet. It offers reasonable subscription plans to ensure that you can take full advantage of the service, even if you’re a free user. In addition to caching files from popular file sharing services, you can also use the service for caching torrents. A free Filestream account gives you unlimited torrent caching, single torrent size limit of up to 1 GB, and caching from selected file sharing sites up to 5 GB per month. In addition, free users also get some extra features that you’d usually expect only premium users to have, such as infinite file storage duration, SSL encryption, user anonymity (by hiding IP address), unlimited number of torrent downloads, and more.

Download Torrent Directly From Browser

On the downside, free users don’t get resume support for downloading multiple files and zipped folders (though single file download resume support is available). Also free users can only experience limited downloading speed. To remove these restrictions and get some additional features and allowances, you may want to upgrade to a paid subscription plan.

Furk is basically a torrent search engine that helps you search for .torrent files across the web. But additionally, it can also fetch torrents to its own servers, from where you may download them over HTTP. The service is a bit different from other cloud based torrent fetching services, considering that it holds your downloads in an open searchable storage, where anyone can search and access them.

BitTorrent peer to peer file sharing is still going strong after all these years. This is even after attempts by several countries to ban tracker sites like The Pirate Bay and others at the ISP level. Even though torrents are mostly associated with downloading pirated and copyright infringing files, there are still many legitimate uses that rely on the same peer to peer (P2P) distribution method.

Lots of free software is offered for download over torrent P2P, such as Linux ISOs. In the past game developers have also used it to distribute game patches and updates. You can even download drivers for utilities like Snappy Driver Installer using P2P. Sadly a number of organizations can block the use of torrent software as it is a huge drain on the network because it connects to many other computers at the same time.

Even your ISP could throttle torrents and slow them to a crawl of only a few KB/s for the same reason. To get around the restriction on using dedicated torrent clients or ISP imposed speed throttling, there are a few things you can try to still be able to use torrents. Here we have 5 methods for you to look at.

1. Download Torrents With a Torrent Client Browser Extension

One of the most popular ways to download torrents through your browser used to be the Java based Bitlet tool. Sadly it’s no longer available. An alternative is using a browser extension available for either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Although there are not that many torrent client extensions around, there is at least one for Firefox and two for Chrome that should do the job.

Torrent Tornado for Firefox

Torrent Tornado is a very competent extension that has enough functions for most average users. For getting the torrent into the browser Torrent Tornado accepts .torrent files, magnet links, HTTP URLs, FTP URLs or torrent hashes. Just press the Add new torrent button to start the process.

After adding the source for the torrent, it will show the details for the download and then offer the choice of which files to download from within the torrent. The small Settings button at the top left controls options such as save folder, file associations, memory cache, maximum peers and download speeds.

Download Torrent Tornado For Firefox

JSTorrent Lite For Chrome

The Lite version of this app extension is a cut down version of the paid app so it’s more feature limited than it would otherwise be. The biggest restriction is you are limited to 20 downloads before the app stops you downloading. An easy way around this is simply uninstalling and reinstalling the extension to get yourself another 20.

JSTorrent Lite accepts both magnet links and local/remote .torrent files. There’s also the option to stream video files while downloading. Select the video file, click the Files tab and press Stream to open the player window. Adjusting the number of peers or active torrents can be controlled via the Settings window but setting speed limits is not available in this free version.

Download JSTorrent Lite For Chrome

Bitford For Chrome

If your torrenting needs are quite basic but you want speed controls which JS Torrent Lite doesn’t offer, Bitford is worth a try.

It doesn’t accept magnet links only local .torrent files, so it’s more tricky after visiting sites like The Pirate Bay. Control the upload and download speed via the two boxes at the bottom. Press the Save button to save individual files to your drive or Remove to cancel the download.

Download Bitford for Chrome

2. Download Torrents With an Online Torrent Client

This method has a few advantages. It bypasses P2P traffic shaping from an ISP because the torrent files are downloaded in the browser just like any other file. It also keeps you safe from anti-P2P organizations monitoring copyright infringing torrents. The drawback is most of the available free services are quite limited unless you pay for a subscription.

We are looking at Seedr because it’s one of the more generous free services. Currently, Seedr doesn’t restrict the speed at which you can download the completed files from their servers. The default limit is 2GB which is both the overall storage limit and the maximum size of the torrent file you can download. This can be increased to over 6GB by accomplishing tasks such as inviting friends, posting a review or pinning a Seedr image on your Pinterest.

Seedr accepts local torrent files, magnet links or a URL of a remote torrent file. You can only transfer one torrent at a time to the Seedr servers but can download multiple completed torrents from Seedr. We found the download speed very good and all our files downloaded at the maximum speed. There’s also a Seedr Chrome extension for directly adding links.

If you find the limit at Seedr is not quite enough, there are other services like Torrent Safe or Direct Torrents that offer a 10GB file limit for free. They restrict you to only 3 downloads per month so are for occasional use only (changing your IP address might get you another 3). Other popular names like Filestream, Bitport and especially ZBigZ are too restrictive to be of any great use in our view.

Visit Seedr

3. Use a Browser With Built in Torrent Client

Over the years we’ve seen a few web browsers incorporate a torrent client into the browser itself. The most notable being Opera although it removed this ability when switching to the Chromium browsing engine in 2012. You can still download Opera 12.18 and use the torrent client, but it’s better to use a more up to date solution.

A more up to date browser that includes a built in torrent client is Torch Browser. There is another called Citrio but it appears to be based on an outdated version of Chromium. In addition to the integrated torrent client, Torch also includes a download accelerator, social sharing button, games portal, music portal, media player, and a media grabber that downloads on page audio and video.

After install simply press the slider then the green button in the Torch toolbar to turn on torrenting and open the torrent client window. It’s possible to just drop a torrent file onto the window or you can open the Add Torrent dialog to search for a file or paste a magnet link into the box. Choose the save to location and which files inside the torrent to download, then press OK to start the download.

The torrent Settings window allows for adjustment of a number of options commonly found in torrent clients. These include randomize or change the listening port, use DHT/PEX/LPD, adjust the number of connections and active torrents, speed limits, seeding limits and video streaming playback options. You’ll want to right click and remove the Torch Offers extension as it’s simply advertising.

Download Torch Browser

4. Using a File Download Manager

While you might not be able to install or run a dedicated torrent client, it may be possible to run a standard file download manager. There are many around that handle normal file downloads but a few free managers are also able to download torrents. Flashget and Free Download manager are two that can handle torrents. We’ll look at Free Download Manager (FDM) as it’s actively supported and kept more up to date.

During install, FDM will offer to associate itself with .torrent files and magnet links. It’s best to leave the setting as is to make things easier. When the program launches you can simply drop a .torrent file onto the window to start a download. Alternatively, press the menu button top right to manually search for a torrent file or press the add button to paste in a remote torrent or magnet URL.

To control speeds, Free Download Manager has Low, Medium or High speed limit modes and a Snail Mode which will concede bandwidth to other traffic. Traffic limit speeds, connections and a few torrent specific options like DHT, used ports and port forwarding can be controlled via the Settings window. Right click on the torrent download to set its own priority, whether to seed, setup scheduling and to force a recheck/reannounce.

Download Free Download Manager

5. Multi Host Torrent Converter

It’s worth noting first that a multi host file download service is not free and costs from around €4 Euros for a month depending who you go with. A multi host download service is mainly for heavy downloaders using cyberlocker sites like Rapidgator or Uploaded etc. Some also include other download services like Usenet or BitTorrrent. If you want to get large torrents that free services like Seedr can’t handle, this may be your cheapest paid option.

The one we use is AllDebrid although there are other debrid services like RealDebrid that can handle torrents. Alternatively, you can go for a bandwidth based service such as AllDebrid works similar to the free online clients but instead of downloading the finished files from their servers, the files are uploaded to another cyberlocker site. In this case, Then you paste the UptoBox links into the AllDebrid downloader to download like any other files.

Visit the Torrent Converter page and either paste a Magnet link or click the “Torrent File” box to upload a .torrent from your computer. Then click the convert button and do something else while waiting for it to finish. When the process is complete, click on Display Links and then the pointing arrow to send the links directly to the Downloader box. The limits are a generous 250GB torrent size. 30 simultaneous downloads and a 72 hour time limit for the torrent to finish. Large torrents can be split into 1GB chunks for easier management.

Visit AllDebrid

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I don’t understand people who want to protect themselves free. I have already used Boxopus for several years. I know it is not the best service at the market but provides the best price-quality ratio. Now I pay less than $5 monthly for it but at any moment I can watch favorites movies on my smart TV by using Boxopus ftp. It’s very easy!

Download Torrent Directly From Browser

Jeremy4 months ago

If I used Torrent Tornado or any similar Firefox plugin on the Tor browser, will Tor still protect my anonymity when Torrenting?


Hi Admin Sir, Thanks for another wonderful article. ( Seedr is best! )

somebody6 months ago

one of these ways actually worked for me, even in a blocked network, thank you!


This trick shows you how to convert an MP4 and MP3 file of your video from Facebook and Youtube. No any software required! fbtube is probably the easiest way to download and convert any YouTube or any other videos. Here’s how it works: you’ll need the URL of the Facebook or Youtube video you want to download. Place the URL into our Fbtube converter website and it’ll download.

This is very easy. This is what you gotta do:

Step 1: Open the YouTube website.
Step 2: Open the video that you want to download.
Step 3: Let it play, be it for 1 second.
Step 4: Go to the URL of the video in the top of the browser and copy that URL.
Step 5: Now, Open the Fbtube website.
Step 6: And last Paste that Url here in given Box of converter.

That’s it.

Ali8 months ago

Without Installation , mean No Installation.
How should we download a file without install.
No matter installing torrent app or plugin or anything else.
Without installing anything.
This is the bloody main question.
You go to library and you need a file to download with torrent, but we all know nobody can install any app on the library’s computer.
Now tell me how..?!

Reply offers free with unlimited bandwidth

Kasbu1 year ago

Thanks! You can also use to stream movies or download larger files.

Once you start the torrent, it will continue downloading online even if your computer is off – so you can come back at download it all.


I don’t agree with the author’s opinion on other popular names… zbigz may be worse regarding user-friendliness but together with bitport are both great for use and to me not restrictive in any way.

HAL9000 Author2 years ago

Then your requirements are far lower than most other torrent users. ZBigZ has a 1GB limit and a max download speed of 150KB/s, Bitport has 1GB and a limit of 1 torrent per day. For any self-respecting torrenter, those limits are far too small to be of any real use. How do you call those limits “not restrictive in any way”???


For me is the best and cheapest

Meh2 years ago

Stay away from Torch if you pirate. It should might as well be a honey pot.

Reply provided fast and great solution. Not nonly cache service – free video stream service too.

boris2 years ago

thanks for zbigz


Warning about Bitlet: While it may be true that “you don’t need to download or install any BitTorrent client” you DO have to download and install what appears to be Bitlet’s “parent” or owner, i.e., GitHub. I don’t like finding out AFTER I get to a site to download something I’ve just been told about on another site and finding out I HAVE to download another app to get the one I came for. But because the article above made Bitlet sound so enticing I went ahead. Could not go through with it though as my gut kept telling me “no.” So as soon as I had GitHub installed I pulled up my Iobit Uninstaller to remove it. IU uses the app’s own uninstaller first, then runs a scan for any leftover files. GitHub had 6179 leftover files that took 12 minutes to delete.

I would love to try Bitlet, but not at the cost of inviting what appears to be another Google-sized intruder into my computer. Just FYI.

HAL9000 Author2 years ago

The Bitlet project is pretty much dead and the website to download torrents has gone, now it redirects to the source code for the library at Github.

Github is a repository for open source projects and is not the owner of Bitlet so you didn’t have to download and install any extra software from there, it only hosts the source code which can be downloaded as a Zip file if anyone wanted to look at it.


GitHub is a completely legitimate application and is linked to software development and maybe millions of people use it, including myself. I don’t understand why BitLet makes you use it, but GitHub is completely safe.

carl3 years ago

Has anyone tried

Download Torrent From Browser


Seems like a great site, but it will screw you if you add a torrent that it cannot download (low seeders for example). Every torrent you add, even if you remove it because it isn’t going anywhere, or you find another source or torrent you like better will add to your 4 torrent a month limit (and I kind of feel like this is an intentional hook as long as the site has been up to try to force you into the desperate move of paying). If Im going to pay anyone, it would be seedr because at least if you stay within the 2.5 gig limit (you can easily increase it to for free), you get unlimited torrents from it, and I believe in rewarding more honorable policies.

Charles Bentley3 years ago

I’d like to recommend also


Offcloud will be useless for most people because unless you pay, the free account only allows 3 downloads per month. The only reason it might come in useful is it has a 10GB storage limit so can get bigger torrent files. A useful complement to other services but definitely not a first choice.

Pedro2 years ago

Offcloud is the only thing on this website that actually worked for me


ZBIGZ offers only 1 GB space [the file size > 1 GB] in the free account.

vijay3 years ago

Now Download Torrent at Superfast Speed without any seeder and leechers limitation at FREE of cost with GetMyTorrent.
You will get awesome no. of features without any limitation or restriction at free of cost. Now your search for fastest torrent downloader ends here!!!
Following are the Features of GetMyTorrent:
1) 10 GB Torrent Storage
2) No Speed Limitations
3) Resume capability
4) Archiving before download
5) Simultaneous downloads : unlimited
6) Downloaded files available for 7 days
7) Unlimited bandwidth
Just Try it and check out by your own.


A great alternative would be
It is much nicer and sleeker. Runs as melted butter.

Stoobie3 years ago

I only had the patience to try the first three from the article above. Even with confirming my email address, was easier and faster than all of them. Hey moderators, this one should top your list! Thank you so much, Adam!!!


We’ve talked about Bitport in another article:
Compared to similar services like FileStream and Seedr, Bitport is far too restricted to be of much use to many people.

Bill3 years ago

Hi Raymond,

Always GREAT! Thanks!

I was getting myself setup to download torrents without using a client by using BitLet. When I went back to get my Mass Storage Drivers Pack’s torrent link, my click was intercepted by my “Free Download Manager”, and I was very surprised to be reminded that this program also handles torrents. So where I expected to download only the torrent link, FDM automatically downloaded the actual driverpacks! FDM is true to its name, it is FREE, and they also have a portable version too.



Hello, the same thing but more practical and ergonomic

Jorge4 years ago

1) Download ZAP Torrents Plugin. Available for Firefox and Chrome. No Ads, no Spyware and it won´t modify your default browser.
Download Mozilla Firefox Plugin
This is the ZapTorrents’ plugin for Mozilla FireFox.
Download Google Chrome Plugin
This is the ZapTorrents’ plugin for Google Chrome.
2) Log in
3) Search for Torrent files or Magnet Links. For this, we recommend you It is the website with the larger data base for torrents, but if for some reason you couldn´t find it there, you may check the following sites: ExtraTorrent, FlixFlux, IsoHunt, Torrent Reactor, KickAssTorrents, Monova, Torrentz, TorrentZap, SeedPeer, ShareReactor, Vertor, YourBittorrent, YouTorrent.

4) Once you have done the research, click on the “SE” button, this will arrange it all by Seeders. The one with more seeds will mean higher download speed

5) Get into the Torrent to check its info. There are two download options: Magnet Links and Torrent Files. Note: We strongly recommend download through Magnet Links

6) Click on the Magnet Links icon

7) It will be automatically loaded in the “My Files” section, of ZAP Torrents.
(a) You will have to wait a few minutes till it´s done getting info.
(b) Then the download to our servers will begin.
(c) Once it´s completed, the file has to be compressed
From the moment a file finishes downloading and compressing to our servers, you have 7 days to complete the download to your PC. Then after that time, the file will be deleted.

8) The last step; choose how you wish to download it to your PC: Web Browser or Download Manager


ZBIGZ save my day :D

KNemo4 years ago

You might consider too. It have a similar service.


Thanks zbigZ is very nice!

:)4 years ago

amazing, thank you!


please add in this list.

john4 years ago

How old is this post ? 8 year old comments ?

you can also put on that list
seems less hack-ey then some


The post was updated and rewritten in 2013, as it says at the top.

ravi chandel4 years ago

are this all open source softwares that are freely downloaded


They are not all open source but 4 of the 5 are free to use, one is through a paid service.

Emeka5 years ago

wow!!! Thanks man. Exactly what i was looking for. Was able to download my solaris tutorial torrent files.
Now i can prepare for my exams. Excited !!!!


Thanks a lot…

ProHackerz096 years ago

Thanks for posting this. All the torrent clients I used like uTorrent has slow download speed. Now I’m using Torrent2exe. It works great and the download speed is fast. You can disable it from starting up by using Task Manager on Windows 8 or msconfig on Windows 7.


Thanks for the super useful article!
I would also like to suggest a different tool that downloads torrents- it’s called Torch browser. That’s how I downloaded my torrents in the past few monthes and it’s awesome! You should check it out.

Download Torrent Directly From Browser Download

phate10 years ago

Bitlet isn’t a bad program, but I had a lot of trouble finding torrents meta file, instead just download the torrent to your computer, then choose the “select local .torrent” option, right next to “download torrent.” Then all you have to do is choose the torrent you saved to your computer. Easy


Download Torrent Directly From Browser Free

BiltLet is great if you don’t have any connection issue with your firewall, connection speed and router.

bHoKAAL StYLe12 years ago

Download Torrent Directly From Browser Windows 10

thanks a lot mate…solves my prob..


Bitlet is more like the DAP of torrents. :)

Tartooob12 years ago

Wow, Great site !! Loved the idea of it

Download Torrent Directly From Browser Windows 10


Download Torrent Directly From Browser To Chrome

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